General Information:

TenHornedBeast is a UK ambient drone-doom project forged from the darkest black
by Christopher Walton (ex-Endvra/Endura). Listeners of Sunn O))), Khanate, and
Earth may be interested, as well as those looking for occult musick to utilize forrituals.
TenHornedBeast has been described as "a black mass in a forest" and"as grimm as the
reapers scythe". Let the unholiness wash over you in eternal ebon waves.

News (as of 7/01/08):

Titan Death is a 23 minute single released in an edition of 50 copies.
Prices inclusive of shipping are:

UK - 5.70
Europe - 6.50
Rest of World - 7.00

All payments must be made via PayPal in UK Sterling to

I suspect these will go quickly, so you best order ASAP.

Also to be released in the near future: "My Horns Are A Flame To Draw Down The Truth",
a remix/reinterpretation version and expansion of "The Sacred Truth".
A new full-length entitled "Hunts & Wars" will be released by Cold Spring at an
undetermined date. A noisier and blacker THB project entitled "The Holy Order Of Faust"
is also in the works, no date has been set for release.

Tenhornedbeast t-shirts can be found at Cold Spring Records
as well as the new "The Sacred Truth" release.

"Woe To You, Oh Earth and Sea" has been re-released on Nothingness Records as a CD-R release.


Ten Stars, Ten Horns [2004, self-release]
Woe to You, Oh Earth and Sea [2005, Nothingness Records]
The Sacred Truth [2007, Cold Spring Records]
TenHornedBeast / Marzuraan split [2008, Aurora Borealis]
Titan Death [2008, self-release]
My Horns Are a Flame to Draw Down the Truth [2008?, Cold Spring Records]
Hunts & Wars [2008/9?, Cold Spring Records]

A separate track entitled "Blackfeather" is available on the compilation
"AMBIENT 5: POST-ISOLATIONISM" released by Traqueto Records.

The track "Archangel" is available on the Cold Spring Records sampler 'Swarm'.


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Christopher Walton
14 Caldermere, Spennymoor, Co-Durham, ENGLAND DL16 6XT

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Nothingness Records
PsycheDOOMelic Shop

Cold Spring Records
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